Classic Reviews

All good!! I am always very pleased with the courteous and professional treatment I there with your team. That is why I come back. (Not just to drive John's Jeep!)

Reviewed by JERRY BUMGARNER on Jan 13, 2015

Great, honest, service.

Reviewed by Anonymous on Dec 19, 2014

Always great service! Thanks, John.

Reviewed by William BOOZ on Dec 19, 2014

I wouldn't go anywhere else. Friendly and worthy of trust.

Reviewed by Anonymous on Dec 16, 2014

Always a fair price for great work

Reviewed by JASON HITE on Dec 12, 2014

Very competent management, technicians and mechanics.

Reviewed by ROGER MAGGI on Dec 02, 2014

My window works like it's new. Thanks John

Reviewed by FRANK SMITH on Nov 14, 2014

Great experience--very pleasant waiting room (no bad TV!), courteous staff, reasonable price, reasonable wait time. Thank you!

Reviewed by Terry Bodine on Nov 10, 2014

always get the best service

Reviewed by BILL SHY on Oct 28, 2014

You are always accommodating to checking on things that come up suddenly and working with our family's complex schedule.

Reviewed by SHONNA MCIVER on Oct 25, 2014

Very accommodating with my schedule. Honest, friendly staff and competitive prices. : )

Reviewed by BRIGID MCNAMARA on Oct 10, 2014

All good. The only improvement suggestion for increased customer service is to top off the fluids ie" windshield washer, brake. Maybe even wash the windshield.

Reviewed by JERRY BUMGARNER on Sep 18, 2014

You guys are the's hard to find a quality and honest repair shop, so very happy we found you.

Reviewed by URSULA KUHAR on Aug 19, 2014

You have always been very accommodating even on short notice. Your assessments of what needs to be fixed are honest and accurate.

Reviewed by SHONNA MCIVER on Aug 18, 2014

Always friendly and prompt service

Reviewed by SUE THORNTON on Aug 12, 2014

Always a first class work

Reviewed by MIKE COOMBS on Aug 09, 2014

I depend on you guys!

Reviewed by M.C. LYNCHBURG, VA on Aug 04, 2014

As always, the service is excellent. As long as I have a car it will be serviced at your Center.

Reviewed by PATRICIA ARTHUR on Jul 26, 2014

I've been a very satisfied customer for over 20 years ! Extremely trustworthy and dependable Bobby ,John and the crew keep me Rollin '

Reviewed by BRIGID MCNAMARA on Jul 20, 2014

Nice job, John and gang.

Reviewed by Anonymous on Jul 07, 2014

Always a good job

Reviewed by MIKE COOMBS on Jul 04, 2014

Always courteous and ready to help

Reviewed by MRS. MARGARET W. DEEDS on Jun 27, 2014

WOW. The turn signal light was out in the back. We called, you said bring it right over, you fixed it in a wink. Service as always is excellent.

Reviewed by RICHARD DEMARS on Jun 22, 2014

Always get excellent, friendly service.

Reviewed by DAVID EDWARDS on Jun 20, 2014

Even though the repairs requested were minor, after service, the whole performance of the car was improved. You know how my car like to shudder its way up the hills to Charlottesville? Well, after service it went up and back like a breeze. Thanks so much for your care of our vehicles.

Reviewed by RICHARD DEMARS on Jun 08, 2014

As always, the Forest Hill Service Guys went the extra mile and exceeded expectations. Thanks Guys!

Reviewed by BRAD CHAMBERLAIN on Jun 06, 2014

John, thank you so much for getting my car in so quickly and doing the amazing job you always do!!! Blessing for a prosperous business. You certainly know how to make a customer happy:)

Reviewed by E.B. FOREST, VA on May 24, 2014 usual

Reviewed by JOAN JAEGER on May 24, 2014

The quality of the service is always great. Your team always does a great job. I too, am in a service business and customers always appreciate customer service. One thing that I would like to suggest to go one more little step for the customer is to wash the windshields and top off the windshield washer fluid. Thanks.

Reviewed by JERRY BUMGARNER on May 22, 2014

My "go to" guys for a long time!

Reviewed by RANDY DALTON on May 09, 2014

Always great service! Thanks! Bill

Reviewed by MARY ANN BOOZ on Apr 25, 2014

Took a little longer than I expected.

Reviewed by ROBERT LIGHTLE on Apr 22, 2014

I rated you 5 stars, not sure if it took. I really appreciate and value your service. Plus you guys are so nice!

Reviewed by MARGUERITE CASSIDY on Mar 19, 2014

Service thorough and done in very timely manner.

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mar 07, 2014

I recommend you guys all the time. you have never let me down and never lied to me. i trust you more than my doctors! keep up the great work.

Reviewed by LAURA BUCHANAN on Feb 28, 2014

Thanks guys for the good job,

Reviewed by RANDY DALTON on Feb 21, 2014

Service is always great. Would not go anywhere else.

Reviewed by DANIEL DAUGHERTY on Feb 14, 2014

Excellent work and fair pricing on the work performed today and the last 2 times I've used your services. Kudos for being both competant and fair to customers!

Reviewed by URSULA KUHAR on Feb 08, 2014

Excellent service, as always! Won't go anywhere else for my car's care. Thanks!

Reviewed by MARY SCOTT SUTHERLAND on Feb 01, 2014

Always given first class Service

Reviewed by MIKE COOMBS on Jan 25, 2014

John and Bobby always take the time to explain in layman's language what the "diagnosis" is and the best way to remedy the problem. They also alert me to items to keep an eye on for possible future maintenance.

Reviewed by P.S. LYNCHBURG, VA on Jan 10, 2014

They did a great job and were very fast. I am happy with the service I received.

Reviewed by NUGENT KOSCIELNY on Dec 16, 2013

We feel very confident that you will fix what needs to be fixed, and explain anything extra. John is a great communicator, and represents FHSC wonderfully.

Reviewed by ANNE THELIN on Nov 27, 2013

Always great service!

Reviewed by MARY ANN BOOZ on Nov 27, 2013

A honest business, they do a good job.

Reviewed by RANDY DALTON on Nov 27, 2013

the personalism from the owner was much appreciated. Thanks

Reviewed by MICHAEL QUINTERO on Nov 09, 2013

Everyone was friendly, prompt and efficient.

Reviewed by Q.S. LYNCHBURG, VA on Nov 03, 2013

Always friendly consistent car care; very good at spotting preventive care needed to prevent car trouble down the road

Reviewed by M.D. LYNCHBURG, VA on Nov 02, 2013

great service as usual

Reviewed by MARK LEADEM on Nov 02, 2013

Excellent communication and timely follow up by John throughout the whole week and a half of getting this done. He did great leg work and seems very forthright and not trying to "sell" more than is needed.

Reviewed by Bo KUHAR on Nov 02, 2013

Job was completed in a timely fashion and at an affordable price.

Reviewed by ED ROAKES on Nov 01, 2013

Once again, service done right, at a fair price.

Reviewed by ANNE THELIN on Nov 01, 2013

Great service. John is wonderful

Reviewed by BARBARA SHERBURNE on Nov 01, 2013

I am new in town and just drove in by chance when the garage that was recommended could not accommodate my schedule. Forest Hills was able to do this and they were able to take care of the my inspection professionally and efficiently. Also, I really appreciated the fact that they didn't try to dupe me or scam me because I am a woman. I have dealt with this many times and it was refreshing to go into a shop and be treated with respect. Thank you for a great experience. We have two more vehicles to be inspected so we'll be back in the next few weeks.

Reviewed by Tracey Pritchard on Oct 20, 2013

Excellent service, as usual! Thank you for taking good care of my car.

Reviewed by MARY SCOTT SUTHERLAND on Oct 19, 2013

You guys are wonderful! As far as I'm concerned, no other service station is better. Thanks for taking care of me all these years.

Reviewed by PAT ZIEGLER on Oct 11, 2013

I appreciate the following: John is not just a "guy behind the counter."He knows the mechanics of a vehicle and can explain it well to the customer. (2) the mechanics do the job right the first time. (3) This customer feels his vehicles are given priority. (4) the AAA discount

Reviewed by PETER STAZEN on Oct 09, 2013

John is a great manager - honesty and integrity are two words to describe him. As a result I trust the mechanics working on our vehicles

Reviewed by MARK LEADEM on Oct 09, 2013

Quick, trustworthy and professional service with a smile!

Reviewed by MICHAEL SILVERTHORN on Oct 09, 2013

Very far and helpful!

Reviewed by M.H. LYNCHBURG, VA on Oct 09, 2013

You guys rock!

Reviewed by JANE WINSTON on Oct 09, 2013

I trust the guys at Forest Hills to do the repairs necessary to keep my vehicles in safe running condition. I have always heard that an honest mechanic is hard to find but that is certainly not the case here. I always feel like John is looking out for my best interest.

Reviewed by E.R. FOREST, VA on Oct 09, 2013

Great Guys, very helpful. Thanks,

Reviewed by RANDY DALTON on Oct 09, 2013

This is LAURIE Cassidy - Marguerite is my sister-in-law....

Reviewed by Anonymous on Oct 09, 2013

Always a "top shelf" job with professional courtesy.

Reviewed by PETER JOWAISAS on Oct 09, 2013

Have used this service center for many years. They are honest, friendly and always do a quality job.

Reviewed by KAYE EDWARDS on Oct 09, 2013

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